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Orthodontics is a specialised area of dentistry concerned with the  guidance and correction of the growing and mature dental and facial structures.

Orthodontic treatment usually involves the use of what is commonly known as braces to straighten teeth.
However it extends beyond just braces alone. It also includes treatment with appliances to correct jaw problems by modifying jaw growth in young patients. Orthodontics is also required in adults (i.e. non-growing patients) that require jaw surgery to correct a jaw problem.
An attractive smile is a vital asset to personal self-confidence. The straightening of crooked teeth on an individual’s psychosocial well-being can be tremendous and orthodontics in childhood can make significant changes in increasing one’s later quality of life. Research has even shown that having an attractive smile with well aligned teeth promotes positive impressions with regards to one’s intelligence, social and career success.

Orthodontics will improve one's self-image, giving new found confidence to some patients after their teeth are straightened.

A straight set of teeth is easier to clean and therefore makes it easier to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Orthodontics can sometimes improve speech and chewing, and prevent dental injuries as well.

A typical course of treatment may involve the patient wearing a brace for approximately 18-24 months as the teeth gradually reposition themselves. In some cases, where “crowding” of the teeth is a problem, the Orthodontist may recommend extractions at the start of treatment. In exceptional cases the Orthodontist may refer the patient for a consultation of oral and maxillofacial surgeon if jaw surgery is advised.

Treatment and appliance

  • Influence growth
  • Had a simple appliance to use
  • One that is hygienic
  • Possibly avoid surgery
  • Influence occlusion
  • Influence facial esthetics
  • Economical to use

This can be achieved with functional appliances like :

  • Twin Block
  • Frankel Appliance
  • Bionator
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