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Dr. Varghese Mani ( B.Sc., MDS )

Prof. (Dr.) Varghese Mani is a Maxillofacial and Facial Cosmetic Surgeon of international repute. He was the former President of the Association of Maxillofacial Surgeons of India (AOMSI) and the Indian Society of Facial Plastic Surgery (ISFPRS). He has trained scores of Maxillofacial, ENT and Plastic Surgeons in the field of Orthognathic Surgery through his famed workshop "FACE" which he has been conducting since 1994. He has authored several books including
"Orthognathic Surgery - Esthetic of the Face" & "Surgical Correction of Facial Deformities."

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Name: Surgical Correction of Facial Deformities
Surgical Correction of Facial Deformities is not just another textbook of Maxillofacial Surgery. The first chapter “Evolution of Face and Beauty Through Time” sets the tone to this remarkable volume wherein has gone a life-time of single-minded devotion to the healing of all the internal scars that external deformities can cause. In the chapter on “Surgical Treatment” the author has poured out his vast experience on the correction of these complex deformities of the face giving it a very personal touch.

Name: Orthognathic Surgery - Esthetic Surgery of the Face
Tried to bring out the discernible elements of orthognathic surgery that are  utilized
in correcting the basal bone defects. This text is indented to be a guide and a manual
for the maxillofacial surgeon in achieving his mastery over the art of correcting and
treating the facial deformities

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